Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back and forth and exhausted

Well I am a month into school and I am still exhausted every day. I have too many kids in my little classroom. I literally have no extra room if more kids come like they usually do in October and November. My cubbies are full and so are my tables and there is no room to even add a table. I'm crossing my fingers that no more come! Even with so many kids they still are very well behaved. Much much better than last years kids. There are a couple of movers and shakers that I am still trying to wrangle in and calm down. There is an overly aggressive little boy that tends to fight a lot and has been sent home a few times this year because he actually rips skin off other kids. Yikes!! The majority of my kids are great listeners and have adjusted well to kindergarten expectations. I am constantly moving though. I don't even have a minute to pee these days! My feet are always sore because I never sit down. Someone always needs help with something and I am running around trying to get everyone situated all day long. I miss my little class from last year. I guess it is true, my first class will always be my favorite, even though they were crazy. 
Besides school I am loving the Nome life once again. The snow has already started falling and the mountains are covered and beautifully white. The kids love staring at the snow so I have been closing the blinds in our room so they are more focused on our work. I am still living outside of town and I am definitely getting bored with that. There is a loose bear out by my apartment that has not only destroyed our dumpster but also broken a car window and tipped over other property causing a ruckus. I am scared to take the garbage out with a 7 foot grizzly lurking around. The police thought it would be a great idea to shoot it with a handgun. Dumb. Now there is a slightly wounded and pissed off bear lurking around. I think it is time I move back to town. First foxes, then wolves, now bears? Time for me to get back to civilization where only dogs roam the streets. But where to live? That is the question. I don't have anyone to move into town with so I will be by myself. And finding a place for me AND olive is proving much harder than one would think. She's a 10 lbs cat, why is that such a big deal? People have 100 lbs dogs here! The last thing I need is to be mauled by a bear but I need to bring olive with me wherever I go. I am searching! Hopefully I can find a little place to call my own and then I won't have to move anymore. Living outside of town with these roommates is really driving me crazy. They are just too putsy for me to handle. It shouldn't take 90 minutes to get ready for school in the morning! But apparently it does. Without transportation of my own I am trapped waiting for them each morning to get ready to go to school and I cannot come in and work during the weekend unless they come in. I strongly dislike relying on people! I gotta get out before I smack them both upside the head. 

Oh, and I also met a wonderful young eskimo guy :) haha details about that later