Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dog Sledding

I saw my first dog sled race! It was more of a warm up than a race. A 7 mile loop around the mountain side. It took about an hour and I stood there in a foot of snow waiting in the cool sunshine to see their return. The teams take off one by one so the dogs don't get tangled and play with one another. They all come back one by one, winners are decided by the time it took them. Each team has a timer so it isn't really a sprint at the end or anything. 

Ranting not raving

My newest pet peeve: people with dogs who don't give a shit what their dog does and totally babies them at the same time. It is like this dog could never do anything wrong. He bites someone and somehow it is the persons fault. He humps someone and she laughs. This dog could attack someone and she would watch it happen and laugh. Apparently he is such a good dog but all he does is tear the world apart. I am sick of watching him and watching him be a a menace. I am supposed to watch him 100% of the time but not even his owner watches him that much. When someone is allergic to dogs you should put your dogs in their crate when the person comes to visit. Isn't that common sense? But no this dog climbs all over and causes hives and the inability to breathe. Why is this funny? He is not a good dog. He is not a dog I want to watch or play with. I do not want to be responsible for him. I thoroughly enjoy my house when he is not here. Nothing gets chewed on. I don't have to shove him off counters or tables. It is wonderful. Stupid giant dog. UGH

Friday, February 1, 2013


What are you going to do? I have been so busy I forget to take time to write to everyone! So in the last forever amount of days since I wrote you there has been a lot going on. There was not only MAP testing at school but I also had literacy testing to do the last few weeks. It is terribly boring. I can only test one kid at a time so there is really only a few options to keep the rest of the kids busy: movies or free time. My classroom is a zoo! 

At home I have been knitting like crazy. I learned some new stitches: stockinette and moss. I made some new wash cloths and I am working on a hat. Knitting in a round is painful because there is no good spot to end so I am stuck knitting for hours. It is very time consuming but I love it. I like all my yarn I've gotten and I'm excited for my projects. I am going to finish my hat and then make a headband, mittens, socks, and another hat. I have to learn how to make flowers too! 

The weather has been fantastic here! The other day it was extremely windy, I almost fell over on the walk to school! We had a blizzard watch but nothing came of it. The ocean keeps freezing and the wind shoves all the ice to shore leaving more open water that freezes over night. It is amazing how many huge rifts of brilliant blue ice there are out there. I saw my first real life dogsledder last weekend too! The weather has been so nice and it is getting close to iditarod so the mushers are starting to train. I saw them on the tundra and also on the ice! It is crazy how smooth they run and go over the bumps of the tundra and weave through the ice rifts. I am beyond excited to see them come into town for the real event!

March 1 I will be in Anchorage to run with the reindeer! I'll post pics and videos after so you can all see my crazy experience!