Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ranting not raving

My newest pet peeve: people with dogs who don't give a shit what their dog does and totally babies them at the same time. It is like this dog could never do anything wrong. He bites someone and somehow it is the persons fault. He humps someone and she laughs. This dog could attack someone and she would watch it happen and laugh. Apparently he is such a good dog but all he does is tear the world apart. I am sick of watching him and watching him be a a menace. I am supposed to watch him 100% of the time but not even his owner watches him that much. When someone is allergic to dogs you should put your dogs in their crate when the person comes to visit. Isn't that common sense? But no this dog climbs all over and causes hives and the inability to breathe. Why is this funny? He is not a good dog. He is not a dog I want to watch or play with. I do not want to be responsible for him. I thoroughly enjoy my house when he is not here. Nothing gets chewed on. I don't have to shove him off counters or tables. It is wonderful. Stupid giant dog. UGH

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