Thursday, January 17, 2013

Standardized Testing

I don't know who had the brilliant idea to give kindergarten children standardized tests, especially on the computer. My kids can't read the question or the answers. They don't know how to use a mouse. They can't read the tiny button at the bottom of the screen that says "Go on". Who made this test?! If the test was on a touch screen or an iPad that would be better. If the continue button was a big green sparkly arrow like on StarFall they would know what to do. If we took the test as one big group and I read the question to them all that would be better. Who makes standardized tests for 5 year olds? Every two seconds someone has a question or they froze the computer. They don't listen to the directions and they choose answers based on what they like or think is pretty or cool. Horrible experiences were had in that computer lab the last two days. It was 98 degrees in there and I was constantly fixing computers. Stupid waste of instructional time. 

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