Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nome Home

So I have a new Nome Home! I haven't yet moved in, but my things are packed and I am ready to go May 1! I am moving back out to the base of the mountains near where I was when I first moved to Alaska. I weighed my options and decided that I like being out there more than I like being in town. It is so beautiful out there by the mountains. I will miss being so close to the beach, but now I can hike the mountain instead of the beach. I am moving into a three bedroom apartment with two different teachers. They are super funny and I think they will be great to live with. They have a little dog and I will have my little kitty with me too. I have ordered a bed and believe it or not, it comes to me rolled up in a giant duffle bag. How does that work? I am not sure but it is a spring mattress and apparently very comfortable based on the dozens of reviews I read on different websites. It is incredibly hard to find places that will ship direct to Nome. Most places don't ship to Alaska unless they are based in Alaska. It is crazy to get household items up here. I am excited though. I need to get a vehicle and I have been looking into getting a jeep wrangler from another teacher who is leaving at the end of this year. I would love a jeep! I've always wanted one anyway and one up here would be so fantastic. My life is once again in boxes and ready to move. I hope to never move again so much the rest of my life.  

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