Monday, August 19, 2013

Work work work

Before school starts this year I thought it best to get my flu shot and tb test. The flu shot was given by some yahoos from medical school who really did not make me feel very good about getting poked in the lobby area of the hospital. No tears though. I didn't realize when I signed up for the tb test that they would inject a serum just under the skin in my arm creating a disgusting bubble that eventually oozed moments later. How disgusting! It made me queasy just thinking about it. I asked for a bandage and they said it had to be left uncovered for the test to work. 48 hours later I am proud to say I do not have TB!

I spent 9 long hours working at school today, but I cannot really tell you what I accomplished. I feel like I did nothing but run around in circles. My boards are already done. My name tags are made. Cubby labels were already done. What do I have left to do? I must have altered and finalized and altered and refinalized my class list 5 times today. The final count (as of 5pm today) for my class is 20 kids! I have been assured that more will be added in the next few days as people come back from their camps and turn in their registration. YIKES! More than 20 five year olds sounds way overwhelming. I don't even have enough seats for more than 20! I guess I better start looking for tables and chairs. Tomorrow is back to school night which means I have to be decent looking when I leave my place at 8am and still look decent at 5pm. I'm thinking it will be a good day to wear a dress. Don't worry Aunties, my dress goes past my knees and I will be wearing flats. Once my cupboards are packed and tables are cleared off I will be set to put out name tags and I should basically be done. All that is left is planning for the first few weeks of school! It is already here! Ahhhh I've missed my classroom. I am sure I will feel differently in a few weeks when I spend most of my waking hours hidden away cleaning up and shuffling papers around. 

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