Monday, August 26, 2013

Polar plunge!

And then my camera fell in the water so I don't actually have any of me in the water, BUT I did swim!

Berry picking trip

I went out berry picking for the first time in Nome. I actually drove out to Teller to pick berries. Mile 57.5 and mile 62 have great berries! It just takes a few hours to get there! I picked salmonberries for about an hour and got a gallon sized freezer bag full. I think I am going to try and make some jelly from them but I am not quite sure yet. I don't know what else I would do with them so we will see! Shortly after finishing berry picking I drove into teller and saw a musk ox just prancing around in the street very close to where I had been picking. This beastly animal was all alone, which is very odd for musk ox. Usually there is a herd, so this one must be lost. 

 I also saw a lot of dry fish hanging in the breeze on the beach and thought it would make a great picture. Apparently this is perfectly safe and you don't get sick from eating this fish. Just shoo the flies away, peal the skin off, and munch away on the dried meat. It seems unsanitary and like something that would make you very sick, but everyone does it! 

 This is one of the coolest rocks that you see on the drive to Teller. This group of rocks is formed to the shape of a house. When you are driving up to it you would think it is a small camp, but it is just rock. The natives say that if you drive up slowly at night when it is dark you will see the little creatures that live in the house. Supposedly they have bright little eyes that you can see in the night. 

Pilgrim Hot Springs here we come!

 This is the road we have to drive down to get to the hot springs...
 Obviously it has been raining...
 And the road is pretty flooded.
 The hot tub!

 Abandoned site of a church and orphanage

 Abandoned church