Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I made it!

Hey everyone! I know you have been dying to hear from me. I made it to Nome finally! I flew from MSP to Seattle, to Anchorage, to Kotzebue, to Nome. It was cloudy and rainy when I finally landed in Nome. I got off the plane right on the tarmack! There was even a greeting party waiting for me. I have a lot of people giving me supplies and food right now until my things arrive. I've made lots of new friends already too. I definitely need to get a four wheeler for this place. Driving to and from school with my principal is fun and all, but I need some transportation from my apartment out by Beltz to get to school in downtown. I've already learned some new lingo to so here you go Minnesota:

out to Beltz: 3 miles out of town to the high school where teacher housing and district offices are
Icy View: a "city" where most of the teachers live in tiny houses and pay way to much rent
Martinsville: a small housing group about a mile out of town
"they live outside": people who don't live in Alaska, has nothing to do with actually living outside

Until next time minnesota...

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