Thursday, August 30, 2012

School days

Hello! I have been super super busy at school. Just so you know, my facebook doesn't work anywhere up here so I have updated it since before I left. first day went amazing! I had one crier, one runner, two clingers, and two hiders. My crier cried again today on our second day of school. My runner is now restricted to running only around our room and not through the hallways. The clingers were dropped off at the door leaving them screaming and crying for about an hour. My hiders....well they are interesting. All boys of course! My girls are little angels :) I have 16 kids and all are 5 years old. 9 girls and 7 boys. We worked really hard on staying in our chairs when we were supposed to sit and sitting on the carpet instead of laying. I definitely have to add a quiet time to our day because they get worn out after lunch. A bunch of teachers came to visit yesterday to make sure I was still alive and smiling and not trying to catch the first plane home. I'm loving Alaska everyone! I have to go pick up my kids from recess though so I will post again later with some more info 

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  1. im so happy to see they are all happy with u and to hear every tere is so friendly and cares about you. nice to know u r taken care of, take care Jenni!
    p.s. nice to hear from you tonight!