Friday, August 31, 2012

Venturing out

Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially completed one week (well 3 days but it is Friday) of kindergarten! My kids are starting to fall into routine and are following directions better. However, Monday we don't have school so their little brains will forget everything. I am still waiting for my things to come in the mail so I am short on supplies and books so I am not really able to do many activities. We sing a lot. Read whatever books are available and I make up projects on the fly with what I have. Flexibility is key and I am obviously flexible because I moved to Nome in 4 short days! Exhaustion is definitely kicking in. My brain knows it is still sunny at 10:30 so even though I am tired my brain thinks it is midday so I am awake far too late to get up early before the sun is up. It won't last long though, the sun will soon set at 2 in the afternoon and I will be sleepy. I plan on passing out tonight around 7:30. I've got work to do tomorrow and I want to be able to sleep until my body wakes me up. 
Until then I will be walking around downtown the great city of Nome. My school is just a few blocks from Front St (the main street right on the Bering Sea) and then it is just a short walk apparently to all the shops that I need to visit. Then I will hop in a cab, because they do have cabs here, and ride the 3 miles back to Beltz where I live. I know 3 miles is definitely walkable and normally I would just do it, but I hear the Musk Ox are close to town today and I don't feel like getting trampled in a stampede. So I set off in my first adventure to downtown. I'll let you all know what I find! 

~Baby Alaska

ps. I still haven't seen the dead whale that has been floating around the waters near here, but I have in fact seen the pet reindeer that is leashed

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