Thursday, August 30, 2012

The grocery experience

I went grocery shopping for the first time. YIKES. I bought a handful of items and my bill was nearly $100. I will gladly accept food by mail! I was also told that ordering food on or is amazing. It all ships here and is pretty cheap I guess. I have some spaghetti and mac n cheese. Crackers are key because that is usually what I have for lunch because my lunch and prep are super short. I have some laughing cow cheese and colby jack cheese. I bought canned tuna and peanut butter. It is ridiculously expensive though. $8 for a loaf of bread. $7 for a gallon of water (someone send me a purifier please!). I think my milk was $9 too. UGH. Apparently walmart and amazon will even ship cold items too? I'll have to see about that. I bought a lot of pudding because it was cheap! Soda was on sale for $10 for a 12 pack so I couldn't pass that up. It is so funny walking through the stores and seeing neon sale signs and the sale price is still twice as much as the regular price in Minnesota. I don't dare look at how much it would cost me to get some burgers or potatoes. My meals are not well rounded to say the least. Vitamins here I come! 

for those readers that don't have my address yet:

Nome Public Schools
Attn: Jennifer Beltz
P.O. 131
Nome, AK 99762


  1. Purifier is on the way Jennifer! We even found one in your favorite color. Love Uncle Greg and Aunty Karla