Monday, March 25, 2013


A month ago one roommate moved out. I don't actually know why she moved out, but she did when I was in Anchorage for the weekend with the other roomie. I think she moved out because the remaining roomie has a beast of a dog that tears everything apart. He is about as well behaved as Marley of Marley and Me. Ask anyone that knows the dog...he is terrible. He doesn't listen to anything because he is never disciplined by his mama. So she is gone. Now after the return of roomie from her trip to Anchorage for cheerleading she has decided that she doesn't want to live in Nome next year, she wants to move to the big city. I had enough trouble trying to find a roommate to move in with us, now I need to find a place for me! I have to move my stuff AGAIN because finding two roommates will be to hard. The trouble with Nome is that there is no housing. People don't really move out of town so the options are extremely extremely limited. It is amazing that we found this house. So I contacted some people I know from school who have connections with people in town who have rental properties. I am now on the radar of some different people for a place to live. I will move asap. We all know I can move quick! I moved to Alaska in three short days for goodness sake! I've got my boxes still (Thanks for the tip Aunty Karla!) they are just flat under my bed. I also have people this time to help me since I've been here for long enough to make some friends :) I would love to move before May! I need to find a place by May 1st otherwise I will end up having to pay the full rent and utilities for this monster of a house all by myself for the month of June. That does not sound fun! Small towns make it easy for making friends and extremely hard for finding places to live. Maybe I will buy a tent and live on the beach! I wouldn't mind living in someones fish camp but I would definitely need a vehicle to get me 3 miles out of town and back! Some of those fish camps are mighty nice and right on the ocean. But seriously, I need somewhere to live. Nothing gets on my nerves here, except the unknown living situation. I think my blood pressure has increased ridiculously just today. I'll let you know where I end up! Cross your fingers for me

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