Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day was filled lots of sugar and laughter. We had a wonderful party at school for the last hour of the day. We sorted and graphed candy hearts, made heart puzzles, practiced writing hearts, wrote love notes to our parents, and did lots and lots of art projects. I got a GIANT chocolate chip cookie from one of my kids:
 And we made a poster to send home to my family in Minnesota:
Some of the sugary treats my kids got to eat. YIKES

We had a lot of fun on Valentine's Day. I was able to stretch out the theme all week. We talked about being friends and caring about other people. It helped review our class and school rules/procedures. It was a great day and a great week. My kids had a countdown to Valentine's Day too. They would individually count the days on our calendar until the party. They started it all on their own without my input and I was so proud of them. They are becoming very independent and it makes my life easier! They are still constantly talking to me and calling my name. All day long "Miss Beltz, teacher, teacher, Miss Beltz, teacher teacher" everything seems so quiet when they leave :) I love them though. Each day, good or bad, is another day we made it through together. I love my job 

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