Monday, March 25, 2013


I survived my first Iditarod here in Nome! I saw 8 of the 54 finishing teams. A lot came in throughout the night while I was sleeping and I had a pretty bad head cold so I slept a lot throughout the days all week. I saw some of the great Nome sights during Iditarod. I saw the snow sculpting contest and went to the different art shows and sales. There were so many people in town it was kind of bizarre. You can tell the people that aren't from Alaska. I've only been here a short while but being from a northern state I blend well. These people are dressed head to toe like they are living in the wilderness of Russia in the middle of winter. Everyone has on the most expensive brand new gear and is clearly overdressed. It was just funny because it was so nice during Iditarod. I had a lot of fun even with my head cold. 

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