Friday, March 1, 2013

Running with reindeer

I am flying out! I am headed to Anchorage with my roomie to run with reindeer in the Fur Rondy festival that starts out the Iditarod. I will be running tomorrow afternoon wearing neon tights and shorts with my super awesome new hangover t shirt that Kimmy sent me. I may or may not also have a side pony tail. Don't worry, I will be video taping so you all can see. I am flying out tonight on flight 153 and will return on Sunday on flight 152. I am excited to go to Anchorage. Civilization. Restaurants. Movies. Stores. It is going to be great! We are staying at my roommates families house just outside of Anchorage so we don't have to pay for a hotel. Great deal! I'm just hoping that I don't get hit in the butt by a reindeer antler! Wish me luck and speed on the streets of Anchorage! It will be nice and warm in the big city! I won't have to gear up like I do when I am in Nome:

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