Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily life

Hello Minnesota! I have in fact moved into a new place. I am living with another teacher from school and another woman named Jenny! The other Jenny is actually moving home to the lower 48 in a couple weeks so we are already looking for a new roommate to fill her spot which is harder than we thought. Most people that respond are either men, women with children escaping a man, and/or women who are looking for a place to bring drunk natives home to. So, we are trying to talk some teachers into bailing on their current leases to move in with us. I am getting Olive in November when Kimmy comes up and my current roomie is looking for a pup to get to live with us too!

I have gotten a box from Forest Lake! Thank you for all the special treats. I am so happy to have rice and soup to make! It is hard to go to the grocery store because I don't know what I want, need, should have. I try and make lists but all I come up with is milk and cereal. I still cannot get used to how much food costs so I don't get things I want, just what I need. Milk and cereal. I still have crackers, apples, granola bars, noodles, mac n cheese and potatoes. I go out to eat once a week to have "real food" so I am getting enough Iron which I guess is important. I promise I am happy and healthy though! I keep spraying everything with lysol and bleach and wash my hands enough to make them dry and need lotion badly. I've got a smile on though! Ear to ear! Someone here even calls me perma-smile :D

Love from Alaska!

I am going to start ordering food from walmart.com but until then: 

If you could please send:
Whole wheat pasta
Intense moisture lotion
Ramen or easy mac
Sticky wall hook things
Pasta side mixes
Dish soap
Cinnamon rice cakes
Chunky Peanut butter (it costs like $10 a jar!)
Canned corn
Banana peppers
Jalepeno peppers
Bagel thins
Cleaning supplies
Kitchen towels/rags
Hand/Face towels for in the bathroom

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