Sunday, October 21, 2012


Our house full of animals! We have two cats (Topper and Kigiyuk) and we have a new little pup! He is something like a german shepherd, rotweiler, lab, husky mix. He is a little mutt and adorable! My roomie from school got him for free from someone who had gotten him right before his wife had a baby. They soon found out that a puppy and an infant was way too much work so we got the puppy. He is black with brown feet and eyebrows. He has a white spot on his chest and on his little butt. He is almost potty trained already and loves his new mommy. I am of course the aunty and he likes to bite me  all the time. He eats hair and licks up noses and nibbles on hands. I have little puppy bite marks all over my hands but he is getting a little better since I grab his nose and say NO! every time he bites. His name is Kamik (come-eeek). It means boots in Inupiaq :) And of course my Olive is coming in November with Kimmy! Two cats are leaving November 3 and my baby is coming November 15. I am excited for my baby to come. I miss her lots and seeing my roomie with her new baby pup makes me miss her more.

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