Monday, October 29, 2012

Mission accomplished

A mission was bestowed upon me. I was supposed to go out for a night on the town in fantastic Nome. My roomie and I went strolling through town Saturday night. We saw a costume contest and the first bar and it was hilarious. People are completely ridiculous all the time and when they are dressed up and drinking it gets even better. We made our way to three different fabulous nome establishments. We picked the right person to sit by at the second place. He kept dropping $50 and buying everyone around us drinks. I have so many left over drink tokens because they don't give you a drink if you have one in front of you and I'm smart and keep a full drink in front of me so I don't get crazy. So I basically have free drinks for the next month or so! We met some super funny guys that we went dancing with and laughed so hard. If you ever thought people are strange looking, come to Nome and watch them dance while dressed up in halloween costumes. LAUGH OUT LOUD. It was a successful evening though. We went out, we laughed, we walked home safely just me and my roomie. It was great. 

I also carved a pumpkin at home and at school with my kids. You all know how much I love pumpkins! The pumpkins were ridiculously expensive but I just couldn't say no to a cute little orange ball of beauty. I am excited for my first holiday in Nome and the most important holiday to me! I am going to wear my black tutu to school on Wednesday and face paint to be a kitty cat :) 

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