Sunday, November 4, 2012

Baby beluga

The word throughout Nome is that Beluga whales are hanging around Cape Nome and making their way Westward to Nome. My roomie and I walked a few miles down toward where the whales should be, but we did not see them. No whales for me to see and I was so disappointed. However, the sea is freezing and we were able to walk out on the Bering! It was so cool. The waves literally froze in their wave so the ice and snow looks amazing. I only walked out 10 feet (if that) because I do not want to fall into the super cold Bering Sea water. There were some natives out about 100 yards drilling holes in the ice and looking for artifacts below in the dark cold water. I don't know what kind of artifacts they are hoping to find, but they were pulling out some little things. There has also been 5 really large ships off the coast of Nome and I don't know what they are or what they are doing. Usually it is just a Coast Guard ship or a research vessel but now there are 5 and they have been out there for three days. Makes me curious! For those of you wondering, the temperature this morning was a balmy 3*F and it is slowly climbing and now it feels about 25*. The wind is non existent today though so it feels amazing! The wind is what makes it unbearably cold and I get wind burned cheeks and nosey. Today is delightful though! 

9 more days till Kimmy comes!

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