Saturday, November 24, 2012

Survival of the Alaskan Woman

I have officially made it a whole week without Kayla being here to take care of her own dog. 7 days with a puppy and only two more to go. Tuesday he bit me and I had to go to the ER. They could have given me stitches but decided to wait it out and see if it started to close on its own. I also got antibiotics that made me throw up at school in front of my kids. AWESOME! Not. He refuses to walk with me and sits on the frozen street. I have tried dragging him but he doesn't give in so I give up and walk back home. He pees outside and I bring him in and he pees on the carpet. He tore a leg off our living room coffee table, ate the garbage, ripped down a shower curtain, ate a shampoo bottle, ate my mail I was going to send to my mom, attacked my cat, ate a kitchen chair and lazy boy chair. Such a menace! While taking care of him I have been taking care of the 3 large dogs that live downstairs while my landlord is out of town. Too many animals to take care of! All by myself in this big old house and so many animals that always need attention. Children I can handle. 17 children I can handle. 3 dogs and a puppy, I cannot. 

My thanksgiving was pretty good regardless of the animals that have taken over my life lately. I talked to a bunch of my wonderful family home in MN that I haven't talked to in a while. Then I went to a friends house with a bunch of other teachers and local people. We had turkey, moose, collard greens and bacon, garlic baby reds, yukon golds mashed with goat cheese, pumpkin cream cheese and gingersnaps, corn bread, stuffing, and my homemade cinnamon honey bisquits. It was a lot of tastey food and I was very happily full. I left before dessert because I had dogs to feed and let out but I socialized for 4 hours. It was great to leave the house, meet new people, and share a delicious meal. I was much to full to eat dessert anyway. My mile walk home freed up some room so I had a little bit of chocolate fudge ice cream :) I was still in my food coma until 10 this morning though. I went for two long walks today to make up for my full tummy. Got my sweat on all bundled up in a dozen layers! The temperature is definitely dropping daily. I find it odd that it is warmer at 6 in the morning than it is when the sun comes up. Today was a whopping 4 degrees. Still no snow. It has been in the forecast for the last few days but there is nothing floating down from the sky. Very disappointing. 

More notes to come soon :) xoxox

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