Monday, November 5, 2012


Saturday was very exciting! I went to a concert at the NES (Nome Elementary School) and watched the most entertaining show I've seen so far being in Nome. A Yupik band was in town for their last stop on their tour. Yupik is a native eskimo language that is similar to Inupiaq which is spoken most often in Nome. Yupik comes from a bit more south of here but the band was amazing! I have no idea what they were singing but it was so good! A lot of the songs have dances and such that go along with them and these people were great. Pamyua has 4 singers and then a few instrument players. Some songs are acapella and others have guitar, drums, and piano to go along. They are definitely worth looking up on youtube to watch and listen to. The music gets in your bones even if you have no idea what they are saying. Check them out!

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