Monday, November 19, 2012

Fare thee well

She came. She ate. She's flying home! Kimmy was here for 5 long days. We slept all day Thursday because she was exhausted from flying overnight and I was exhausted from not sleeping Wednesday night because I was so excited to see her. Friday we went to school and checked out the town. We went out to eat and had a delicious meal together at Bering Sea Restaurant. I had the chili cheese burger and she had chicken fingers of course. We sat and we watched tv together for a little bit and she went to bed at like 8. Saturday we power shopped a rummage sale and a few other local hot spots. I got a ton of great new native pieces I am very excited about. Sunday we took a drive to Council. Kimmy got to see musk ox in real life! I saw a whole lot of Alaska I haven't seen before. I am glad to have great friends like Leonard and Jess to take me on these adventures! My kids absolutely loved having Kimmy in our classroom. They crawled all over her for two days and she even got invited to some sleep overs by some of the little rugrats! Too funny. They piled on her when it was time for them to go home and gave her hugs and kisses. We went for a great beach walk after school and went to dinner. She arrived safely to the airport and made it through the security and everything fine. Her plane is flying over my house right now at approx. 9:06 so she should be on time to Anchorage and Denver and be in Minnesota early tomorrow morning. Watch out MN Kimmy the ginormous is returning! I was so happy to have a part of my family here with me in my Nome Home. It felt like normal life all over again. It was a great 5 days :)

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