Monday, October 8, 2012

The last few days...

What a busy last few days! 

My tooth extravaganza: I'll start with last Thursday. Sometime after school part of my back molar broke off. It hurt like hell afterward and is still super tender. I tried calling a dentist on Thursday and Friday but apparently the white people dentist is only open Monday-Wednesday, sometimes when the dentist feels like coming to work. I called the hospital dentist because it hurt and I figured I should get it fixed before it got infected. They told me I couldn't come in because I am not a native. So I went all weekend with half a molar hurting like crazy and eating mostly noodles and mashed potatoes. Saturday night I couldn't sleep because it hurt so much and I had to take some tylenol codeine to fall asleep finally around 7:30 am. Today I went to school after taking tylenol gel caps, took three ibuprofen at lunch and was ready to pull my teeth before school was over. The principals wife (my alaska mom) took me to the hospital ER after school to get some pain meds and hopefully move up my dentist appointment from Wednesday Oct 17 to sometime this week. I got the meds and an antibiotic because now it looks infected. Now I am drugged and feeling better. 

So fresh and clean: Friday I cleaned and organized my room and stayed in all night watching movies on tv. It was great and relaxing. I did my laundry and made my bed with clean sheets again. I got a great new bed topper on Sunday to help fix my super lumpy bed. It is 4 inches of magnificent foam that molds to my body making it so much easier to sleep. I was so happy last night and it was hard to get out of bed this morning. Clean sheets and a comfy bed :) yahoo Today Kayla and I moved all the living room furniture to one side, put down baking soda, vacuumed, moved all the furniture to the other side, baking soda, vacuumed, and moved it all back. We dusted like crazy and washed the walls and heaters. We took the random nails and screws out of the wall. It smells fantastic in our place now and it looks amazing. NO more pet smells and dust everywhere. My mom would have been appalled by all the pet hair and dust. I emptied the vacuum container three times! It is amazing in here though. 

Strange new experiences: Saturday I was super lazy until I went to the NRA fundraiser dinner in town. I have never seen so many Nomites in one place! I think the whole town was there. My ticket was paid for by my superintendent and so I got free entry and dinner. Steak, shrimp, baby red potatoes, dinner roll, salad, veggie medly, and cheese cake. It was hard and slightly painful to eat but I couldn't pass up a delicious dinner like that! It was hilarious to see so many people going crazy over so many guns under one roof. I don't think I've ever seen so many guns being handed out like cotton candy at a circus. I didn't buy any raffle tickets because it was $50 for 15 for the cheapest "package" to win prizes. I did bid on some beautiful handmade that I was hoping to share with my mama but some jerk ass out bid me with 3 minutes left. I've learned not to go to the bathroom at the end of an auction. Had I known it was ending I would have waited and peed my pants. I did get a bunch of door gifts though for my daddy :)

I'll keep you all updated on my dentist adventures in Nome!

Love and happiness from AK

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