Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nome Sweet Home

I have successfully moved into my house up here in Nome. My new friend moved with me and we are so thrilled to be in town! She is a special education speech teacher at the elementary school where I work. It is a delightful 3 minute walk to and from school. We live on the second floor of a house. We have our own entry separate from the downstairs. We have free laundry too!! And a great big tub :) Yesterday we walked all over town signing up for cable and internet and paying our bills. Ugh...but we officially have a place of our own. It feels fantastic to have somewhere to call home in Nome. However, the bed I have been sleeping on for the last week is super crappy. It is thin and lumpy and squeaky. I put two sheets and a comforter under my fitted sheet to try and give it a little more such luck. I might need to visit the arctic chiropractic soon. 

Since my boxes still haven't arrived that have my blankets in them I am in desperate need of blankets. I have two with me, but let me tell you, it gets cold at night. I am going to walk back across town today to go to the quilt shop "Whimsy Shop" and get some fleece to make a blanket. On my way I suppose I will be brave and get a flu shot at the hospital. There have been quite a few people out this week with the flu. Nome Public Schools needs substitute teachers! If you have a hankering to move to Nome, come on up! You don't need a degree or anything to sub for a day and you still get paid. 

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