Friday, September 28, 2012

Roller coaster

What an interesting week I have had this week. My classroom behavior was all over the place. One day they are cooperative little angels and the next day they wreak havoc and tear apart the room. Someone colored the inside of our toilet with crayon and pencil. They could not keep themselves from throwing rice all over from the rice table so smart teacher that I am I emptied the rice during recess. Then the devious little minions filled the table with water and were throwing water at people and putting all my board erasers in the water. I cannot win. I have 18 little needy bodies and I cannot keep up with the naughty ones that misbehave constantly. One little boy got sent home early twice this week and now has officially dropped out. I lost the battle and the war with him after wrestling him and being punched and kicked instead of letting him do the same to another child. His violent tendencies towards other people only occur when other people or children are in the room so I just did not understand him. No matter how much attention I gave him and one on one special time, he could not would not behave. I feel a loss in my teaching heart. It tastes bitter. 

On a brighter note that may surprise all of you who venture to read my stories, I went to a bible study group on Wednesday. ha! I went for the food, which probably makes me even more of a heathen or something terrible, but I went. I met people from Nome, all young people because the group is 39 and under, and I had some super good homemade food that made me miss my mama even more (even though my mama never made me a moose hotdish before). I don't know if my heart is healed enough to be up for the challenge of actually joining the group in prayer and bible discussions so I may not go back, but I took that leap and had dinner with all those bible thumpers! It wasn't that bad and I mostly talked about where I come from and how I say the word bag wrong. Apparently I sound like I say beg instead of bag. I hear  a difference in my voice when I say beg and bag but no one else does. How odd? I am working on saying bag "correctly" to fit in up here. It is just weird! I do hear my voice changing though, I know my accent is changing and it is getting a bit southern because I am hanging out with so many southern folks. Oh my oh my...

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