Monday, September 3, 2012

My Saturday in Nome

Saturday I spent the whole morning and into the afternoon at school. I got boxes in the mail so I had things to bring into my room that are actually mine! I have books! I also cleaned out the toy/puzzle/game shelf so that hopefully it isn’t quite as easy for them to grab things during the day when they aren’t supposed to. I’m also going to have a thin blanket to hang over the front so when it is choice time I can uncover what shelves are “open” and cover it when the area is “closed”. I went through the lower cupboards to clean out unnecessary items and rearrange so it makes more sense to me. I labeled the doors to so I know what is in them. Very busy day! 

I actually got to go to bed early too and it felt great to sleep all night long. I did wake up thinking I heard my Olive meowing for breakfast...sad day :( I miss my baby. I sure hope my daddy hasn't given her away already.

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