Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bad day

I officially had my first bad day of kindergarten. Day 5 of school and we've hit a rough patch. Ugh my kids were little demons today. I didn't get through my reading lesson. I didn't get through my science lesson. What did we do today?! The boys were squirrelly and the girls were gossipy and no one could be quiet! I was frustrated beyond belief and constantly grabbing one after another to stop running around the classroom and standing on tables. I am hoarse from using my stern voice all day. I don't like being stern, I like having fun in kindergarten! I'm still waiting for boxes of my lesson plans so I can have more fun stuff to do to keep their attention. I have not given up though, I know it is simply one day out of the hundred plus I will have. Tomorrow is new and I shall try again with the little monsters. I do love them dearly still :) 

On a brighter note, I got a card from my mommy today! Very exciting to see mail for me waiting in my box. I also went with some ladies to look at a place to move into. I don't think I will go though. It is a two bedroom and there are three of us. Also the bathroom was smaller than the bathroom in our camper back home. It costs more than where I live now and I am guaranteed a ride from where I am now. We'll see. I'm still looking into transportation and looking at itty bitty places of my own in town. I just want my Olive to be here with me to snuggle at night. If my current residence allowed for pets, I would be happy as a clam where I am, but I miss my baby so badly. I need some comfort when it's cold and lonely at night and all through the winter. I think I shall go to bed early tonight and dream away these insignificant problems. Tomorrow is a new day after all and damn it, I will succeed! 

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