Friday, September 14, 2012

Sour puss

In science this week we have been talking about our five senses. We talked about how many eyes, ears, fingers, noses, and mouths we have. We compared to some different types of animals. We used our senses to observe and examine sea shells, sea stars, rocks, and our classmates. We smelled old sea shells  and listened to see if we could hear the ocean. The best was using our senses to describe food. I brought in bananas, carrots, lemons, and limes. We described the color, texture in your hand and in your mouth, taste, smell, and what it sounded like when we bit into the different snacks. My favorite was giving these kindergarteners lemons and limes. Most had never seen a lime or tasted a lime. Most had never tasted a lemon. Their faces were hilarious! So cute to watch them scrunch up their little faces and squeal and make silly ooooo noises. It was a great day in our classroom! I also liked hearing them tell me that the lemons taste like melonlade or lelonade or nemolade. Too funny :) 

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