Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the move

So my new Alaska bff and I have successfully found a new place of residence! We are moving from out in the boondocks to town. We will be living on 4th and L if you look at a map of Nome. It is a whole 2 blocks from school. I get to sleep in and walk to school :) It is a 2 story home, not a temporary or moveable home like most of the other houses in Nome, and we will live on the second floor. Heat rises you know! I get to have my Olive come up here to be with me and that is enough to win me over. There is a super big kitchen and living room with 13 foot ceilings, a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and shower, washer and dryer (FREE unlike where I live now), and my room is about 10x10 with a closet, dresser, full size bed, and new window. It is the nicest house we have seen in Nome and the tub was what won over my new roomie. We get to be in town! yay Hopefully we will be moving in this weekend. I have to wait for my new bed to arrive. I am not buying it but the landlord is providing a new one for me. Pretty sweet deal! I'll add pictures once I am settled...

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