Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beach babe

I went to my first beach bonfire and bbq last night. What a perfect day for it too! It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday. I saw kids in flip flops and shorts running around town. CRAZY! I remember when my mom would tell us it had to be 70 before we could wear shorts to school. These kids break out the summer wear when it is a whopping 53! We drove down the road toward Safety and Fort Davis to find a beach spot for our bonfire. We collected driftwood and started a fire. I finally got to walk the beach to look for beach glass. I realized that I am not super good at finding it yet, but I did find some pretty pieces. I got some driftwood pieces for my Aunty Debbie so she can decorate her garden with a little bit of Alaska. I even walked in the Bering Sea! It wasn't much colder than Lake Superior but it is crystal clear and beautiful. I saw little dead crabs and clam shells too. The fire was fantastic and we grilled brats and hot dogs. It was a beautiful evening spent with hilarious people telling the strangest stories. They keep telling me that I definitely fit in to their little group which makes me happy :) everyone here in Nome is a little less than normal and has something a bit odd about them. Everyone wants to know what makes me less than normal. I wonder what that is?  

~baby alaska

ps. I saw bear tracks too!

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