Friday, September 7, 2012

Boxes galore!

I got boxes! I was informed yesterday at school that there were numerous boxes waiting for me at my apt. However, they were in a locked room so I had to wait. When I finally found the person with the key to the room, they were super snotty about it. I asked about the boxes and I was told "I don't want to hear about it. Get them yourself!" I never asked for them to be carried, I just wanted the door open! My packages were held hostage for over an hour until someone could jimmy the door open for me. I got wonderful packages from my family. A box of nummies and a new water purifier! So exciting to have one up here where the water tastes a little funny. I got some classroom supplies and I got a present wrapped in pink duct tape from Kimmy. I feel as though my brother got a hold of the package because it said that it was full of poop and farts. LOVELY. Overall I got great items in my boxes. :) 

School has been going better too after one horrible day. My kids are getting better and better. We are able to have more fun at school when they behave and I think they are starting to understand that now. We had a dance party today! Quiet time is still a battle though. Kindergarten is kindergarten though right? 

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