Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Be jolly

We have 6 full days of school left and one half day of school until Christmas break! Then I have two glorious weeks off and I am excited. I am thinking that the last Friday we have at school should be a pajama day since my mommy just sent me some sweet new pj pants! But which ones should I wear? Kitty cat pants or monkey pants? Difficult choice. Before our holiday break however we have a holiday concert at school for kindergarten. Oh my goodness if we can get through the concert that would be fantastic. We have a rowdy bunch of kindergarteners this year. They hardly stand still long enough to sing the songs and really do not follow along as a group. It is chaotic. We are making these big banners to hang from the gym ceiling to decorate for the holidays. I have decided that I want Paul Bunyon on our banner so I drew a fabulous picture of him today. I think my kids will each make a decorated pine tree to add to the banner as well since I made Paul all by myself. I was pretty proud of myself for sketching him out this afternoon.
Pretty awesome right?! 
Here are my pretty fabulous gifts from my mommy and daddy

It has also been snowing in Nome the last few days! I am so excited. I actually have a reason to wear my boots and snowpants! I might even be able to snowshoe soon :D 

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