Sunday, December 16, 2012

School spirit

As a former dancer (I still consider myself to be a dancer even though I haven't danced in three years) I pride myself in my strong dislike of cheerleaders. Somehow I am living with a former cheerleader who is also the new cheer coach for highschool and have been forced to partake in cheer things. I have watched painful hours of cheer routines and been involved with many cheer conversations. UGH. This weekend was the first basketball game of the season. The mighty Nanooks played Friday and Saturday night. First basketball game means first appearance of the cheerleaders. I showed my support for my roomie and her team. I went to a basketball game and watched cheerleading. The two sports I loathe most, even though I do not consider cheering a sport! I put a smile on my face, packed my knitting, and went to the game. I have not been to a basketball game since high school when I danced at them during half time. 3 hours of basketball was way to much for me to handle. I was nice and sat through it all. I even video taped some of the cheer routines and took some photos of the girls with their coach. I wore blue and white to support the Nanooks too. Between all the "excitement" I finished my knitting project. I successfully knit purl a washcloth and I think it turned out pretty good! No added stitches this time :) The Nanook varsity basketball team won their first game even though it was a little rough. Literally, I thought that maybe I was watching rugby or wrestling for a little bit. The boys were all over the floor fighting for the ball. Craziness! I have never seen a highschool basketball game so packed either. Everyone lines up on the court for the team to come out and they get high fives like they are celebrities. The entire bleachers were full of screaming fans that stand until the Nanooks score for the first time, which took a painful 5 minutes. It was definitely the event of the season. I suppose since they don't have hockey in Nome basketball is their only chance to get rowdy in public for sports. 

Tomorrow we are hosting a dinner for the cheerleaders. Since my roomie doesn't exactly cook anything except pizza rolls and macaroni I agreed to cook the meal. 10 cheerleaders and is going to be a long night. I am making buffalo chicken dip for an appetizer, pasta salad, lemon pepper baked chicken breast, and white rice. I baked chocolate chip cookies tonight for desert tomorrow. Don't worry mom, I didn't burn anything! I'll let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck :) 

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