Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Grandma turns 90

My Great Grandma Schultz is turning 90 this week! Holy moly that is amazing. I am so lucky to have a great grandma. I know so many do not have great grandmas in their lives. I had two until I was 16. Grandma Schultz makes the best chicken kluski soup, the best monkey bread, and the best jellies. Grandma Schultz used to make a nest at the foot of her bed for me to sleep in on overnights and she would make bunny shaped pancakes in the morning. She had a sewing area in her basement and a drawer full of bells that I loved to play with. Grandma Schultz is everything polar bear and I adore her collection. I was sad that I missed her 90th surprise birthday party this last weekend, but I know she was thinking of me while they partied! I sent her a birthday postcard and soon I will be sending her a disposable camera full of pictures from Nome. My class even took part in saying happy birthday.

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