Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snow? Maybe...

I am still anxiously awaiting snow in Nome. There is just a small frosting on the ground. There is plenty  out on the frozen sea, but we want more in town! I want snow out on the playground and in my yard. I want to snowshoe! If I have to go home for snow that is just crazy. I am in Alaska! There better be snow coming my way. It has been cold and windy for the last few days. A winter storm would make me so happy!

Tonight is our work Christmas party. I am excited for tastey food! I will be having halibut, shrimp, rice, and soup. I wonder how long the gathering will last? There are only a few people that I would prefer to sit with all night and talk with. Christmas, as many of you know, is not exactly my thing so I am hoping for just a good meal and some funny conversation and an early ending to the night. 2 1/2 weeks till Santa comes and I can no longer use him as a motivator for my kindergarteners. I'll have to find something else to motivate my kiddos into good behavior! 

Hope all is well in MN and I hope you have snow!

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