Monday, December 17, 2012

White out

After a delightful weekend of sunshine and good weather, the blizzard has hit. I have been told this is nothing compared to the possibilities that may soon come upon us here in Nome, but there is definitely some thick snow blowing through town. This is some blizzard of 91' kind of snow! I live a block from school and I couldn't see school this morning. It is icy wind and big flakes of snow. We have school though! The plows were running all night and I turned on our faucets in the middle of the night to make sure our plumbing didn't freeze. My bedroom window is frozen with the latch unlocked so I am hoping I go home and my window is still closed and my room isn't full of snow. Our entry this morning was full of snow. I never feel air seeping in under the door but the snow sure found a way overnight! The kids had a great time at recess of course and I am thinking I might snowshoe with Kamik later :) I will be wearing my full length down parka to keep my bottom warm! 

Last night was the glorious cheerleader dinner at our house. I made some tastey treats and the girls loved everything. Even the picky eater (worse than me picky) ate my food! They said it was delicious and I know I made my mama proud. They ate all my cookies, most of my buffalo chicken dip, and almost all of my chicken. As usual I made a lot a lot of pasta salad so there is plenty left over to eat for a while. Yum yum! Nothing was burnt and everything came out on time to feed these hungry girls!
 Crazy cheer girls eating my lemon pepper chicken
 I think that is a cookie in her mouth

 Pasta salad before I added the pasta
 Before the baking began. Cream of chicken soup with water and lemon juice. Sprinkle in coarse ground black pepper. Add chicken breast with lemon zest. Lemons placed on top.
Making cookies with Kamik

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