Saturday, December 1, 2012

3 months in

I've been in Nome for a little over three months now! It is going by really fast. Only three weeks until winter break and that is crazy! I have been able to do so many new things and see new places I can hardly believe it. There is still little to no snow here. We got a dusting last night and it is sticking around, but I am waiting for the first big snow storm. I hope it doesn't all wait for the week of Christmas. So many people are trying to go home and it would be sad to see everyone here stranded. I just want snow! I want to snowshoe the tundra all day long! Our house has been decorated for the holiday thanks to the wonderful principal and his wife who picked up extra decorations for us. We have tinsel garland handing from our windows with blue and icicle lights. There are christmas ornaments dangling too. After a uplifting chat with my Aunty tonight I got the idea to make a fireplace and mantel to "hang" up stockings in our living room. I think I will make one for my classroom too. I am going to make a tree also for at school. It is definitely cold enough for Christmas, but it doesn't quite look like it outside. Even the ocean is frozen, but still no snow. 

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