Monday, December 24, 2012


Attempting to teach children anything in the last week was completely pointless. They all know that Santa is coming and that presents are appearing at their houses and that is all they want to talk about. If the words Santa or Christmas didn't come out of my mouth they were definitely not listening. We did a lot of crafts in the last week for the blessed holiday that gets them so amped up. We had our holiday musical program that went surprisingly well considering they are a rowdy bunch of 5 year olds this year. We saw the production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas that is put on each year by the older grades at school which was also precious. Friday was PJ day at school thanks to my wonderful idea. Santa also came to school on Friday and we were released at 12:30 for the holiday break. A much needed holiday break. The week was horrendous. The children were like a bunch of wild animals. I think at one point during the week I witnessed them playing something closely resembling rugby in our classroom. They formed a huddle, a scrum if you will, and were just pushing each other back and forth and not gaining any ground in either direction. The oddest thing to witness but no one got hurt and there was no crying so that was good! I slept the long afternoon of free time away on Friday and didn't do much yesterday either. I cleaned the tub and took a nice long soak with aromatherapy bath salts to clear up my stuffy nose and relax my muscles. I took another bath today and lounged around with Olive all afternoon. The day seemed horribly long and never ending and now it is 2:22am and I am sleepless and restless. I may need to take a hot shower to get myself to sleep. Nome sweet Nome, let me sleep through the night please!

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